If a criminal case is brought against you, it can threaten your life in every conceivable way. Your freedom, your livelihood, your family, even your residency, may all be put at risk. With so much at stake, it is imperative that you hire a skilled, qualified, and experienced attorney who can help you through this difficult time with your life intact.

I am passionate about helping you through the intense challenges presented by criminal charges filed against you. My approach is strategic, aggressive, and fast-moving. After identifying your goal – whether that be winning an acquittal or arriving at a case disposition with minimally harmful consequences –  I work tirelessly to achieve that result so that you can move on.

I am a premier attorney ready to fight for you.  After receiving my degrees from Stanford University and Harvard Law School, I became a California licensed attorney in 2004. Working as a deputy district attorney for seven years, I became a seasoned and skilled trial lawyer.  As a battle-tested prosecutor, I learned how to handle every kind of case, and I never lost a felony jury trial. I also gained an insider’s view as to how prosecutors assess cases and what pressure they respond to.

Criminal law and courtroom advocacy are my areas of expertise.  In 2016, the Legal Board of Specialization for the State Bar of California certified me as a Criminal Law Specialist, a designation held by only a handful of attorneys practicing in the Bay Area. I also serve as an adjunct law professor in evidence and trial advocacy, mentoring the next generation of trial lawyers.

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