What makes me different makes me better.  Any attorney can take your money and walk you through a plea to the prosecutor’s first offer. I take a different approach, tested by experience and honed by expertise, to achieve the best possible result for you:

  • I spot the issues. As a board-certified criminal law specialist and a law professor, I know how the nuances in the law can best serve my clients.  To win against the vast resources of the government, you need a true legal expert who can recognize and exploit every opportunity arising during the courtroom chess game which will decide your future.
  • I exhaust the prosecution. A prosecutor is a very busy person with a limited amount of time to devote to each of her many assigned cases.  My approach is to demand more attention and work from the prosecutor than she can comfortably give.  A worn-out civil servant is one we can best work with, or fight against.
  • I prepare every case like it’s going to trial. The best way to win a terrific result for you is to put together a compelling defense.  This requires long hours of investigation, legal research, and preparation.  The result is a weaker government case and a better resolution for you.  There is no substitute for a winning defense, and I work and dig and prepare until your case has one.
  • I present you in the best light. I believe that a criminal case often reflects a good person having a bad day.  Prosecutors and judges want to put away “the bad guys,” not a good person who deserves a second chance.  The key to getting a better deal for you often comes down to presenting the complete picture of who you really are, beyond the allegations.
  • I offer wrap-around services.  Some cases need a diligent investigator, turning over every stone. Some cases need a skilled expert, providing additional insight.  Some cases need vocational counseling for the client.  Whatever and whoever is needed to achieve the desired outcome, I have the connections to the best investigators, experts, and counselors in the business.