While many attorneys practice criminal law, only a small number (about 350 out of the 150,000 attorneys currently practicing) have been certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as a Criminal Law Specialist.

A Board-certified Criminal Law Specialist is an attorney who has been recognized by the California State Bar as having demonstrated superior education, expertise, and performance in the field. The Criminal Law Specialist has passed a second bar exam in criminal law, demonstrated a high level of experience and mastery, received recommendations from judges and peer attorneys, and undergone educational requirements beyond those expected of regular attorneys.

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Any California-licensed attorney can represent you in a criminal matter. But a Criminal Law Specialist brings the peace of mind from knowing that you have experience and mastery on your side.

I am a Board-certified Criminal Law Specialist, one of only a handful practicing in the Bay Area. I am ready to handle any kind of criminal case for you.