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Will is a fantastic lawyer. This isn't the first time I've had a run-in with the courts. Will is the hardest working and most thorough attorney I've worked with and absolutely went above and beyond in my case. Every possible avenue of defense from motions to appeals were worked, and though my case didn't end up with the strikeout win we all hope and wish for, I would have no hesitation to hire him again should I ever find myself needing a defense lawyer again. I highly recommend him if you find yourself needing help. Jesse
Will Morehead is a FANTASTIC attorney!!! He is professional, knowledgeable, personable and time-efficient. He answered my call immediately and after I explained my situation, he was able to give me an overview of the law as it related to my situation, and to project the possible outcomes. I felt immediately at ease talking with him. Christine
I worked with Will for about a year. He was able to help me receive my freedom. In order to do that, Will had to overcome multiple challenges and he overcame them all. I'm very happy to have worked with him, he's a very trustful hardworking man. I'm very greatful for everything he did did my family and I and will forever be. N.A
Will Morehead is masterful. He is truly masterful. Never mind that he is pleasant, he has the goods in spades. Remarkably talented and doing the work he was always meant to do, whilst ever refining a skill set that is already stellar. In my case, Will had to sift through, digest, edit and utilize loads of material with less than half the normal time to prepare. Chris
The best defense is indeed a great offense. Lighten your journey by retaining Will Morehead as your criminal defense shield. One of the brightest lights in the profession of legal advocacy, Will Morehead will forever be my "Warrior Will." If you are in need of Criminal Defense protection, it would behoove you to call out to him today. My case resulted in DISMISSAL by the Court on July 27, 2020. Melissanne