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Creativity, Critical Analysis, Candor, and Kindness

With creativity, critical analysis, candor, and kindness, attorney Will Morehead advised me when I was accused of a crime I did not commit. His measured evaluation of the risk posed by the false allegation helped me to assess the pros and cons of hiring legal counsel at all. In the end, I hired Will Morehead to represent me. His aggressive work to articulate my innocence helped an independent investigation to find insufficient evidence to substantiate the false allegation. For Will Morehead’s work, I am grateful beyond words.

Helpful and Professional Consultation

I called Attorney William Morehead to seek advice and he consulted with me in straightforward terms, giving me guidance and help. He is very professional and experienced in these matters and I could not have been more pleased with his service. He promptly handled the matter and his advice was excellent. I highly recommend him.

Best Defense Attorney

It’s a scarry time when you need an attorney and don’t know who to call. I am very grateful that I called Will. He is accomplished, intelligent, and extremely well versed with the law. He provided wonderful legal guidance during this difficult time. Will was very calming to talk to, an excellent communicator and immediately put me at ease. He kept me informed and updated every step, and I never felt confused about what was going on. I never had any doubts about Will, – he got the charge dismissed. He really is the best attorney I could have asked for. Will – I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me.

N.A Review

I worked with Will for about a year. He was able to help me receive my freedom. In order to do that, Will had to overcome multiple challenges and he overcame them all. I’m very happy to have worked with him, he’s a very trustful hardworking man. I’m very greatful for everything he did did my family and I and will forever be.

The Amazing Help I’ve Received

I first ran into legal trouble when I was 18 years old and hire an attorney who did the bare minimum and wasn’t helpful with the process of probation after the case ended I was then recommended well from a friend and I haven’t looked back since questioning hiring another attorney yes I’ve gotten more legal trouble throughout the past four years but it’s all been anxious free due to how helpful, caring And genuine Will Morehead has been with me throughout the years and I’m sure the same with his other clients I would recommend him and have to multiple people who have as well hired him and had a good experience that’s also why I’m taking the time to write this review because he deserves it. He works hard and doesn’t just work for money he works for you and actually trying to help you in the long run, for the best outcome in your future!

Will Morehead Is Truly Masterful

Will Morehead is masterful. He is truly masterful. Never mind that he is pleasant, he has the goods in spades. Remarkably talented and doing the work he was always meant to do, whilst ever refining a skill set that is already stellar. In my case, Will had to sift through, digest, edit and utilize loads of material with less than half the normal time to prepare . He had to scramble, yet handled all matters beautifully. Watching him cross examine is observing talent at its finest. Although he has a mental map ready to go, he so easily pivots his navigation with such skillful dexterity you know you observing one of the greats. I witnessed him obtain the intended results in such a brief amount of time. I am still thinking about how good he actually is. I am reminded that amongst all the expenses from emotional to financial that one endures in any legal event, hiring the best talent for the most expeditious and most satisfying result is the cheapest expense of all. I feel fortunate to have been able to meet and have Will Morehead represent me. Top marks. I was completely vindicated in an unusually short amount of time. I truly thank Will, as he well deserves.

Our Minister Referred Us to Will

Will went above and beyond my expectations in both communications and effectively helping us. I particularly appreciated his generous and kind nature in making sure we were well taken care of. He gave me peace of mind during a very challenging situation and time. That alone is worth volumes! I highly recommend Will Moorehead and wish we had known him from the start.

Excellent Consultation

Attorney Morehead called me back within a few hours about a case I had concerns about. He was clear, precise, and described possible outcomes and pathways forward in a way that was very straightforward. He did not push for me to work with or not work with him further – he was very open about the best ways to proceed. I came away from this consultation feeling thankful.

Trustworthy Lawyer – One in a Kind

I was arrested for a DUI and was looking for a good lawyer in Marin County. I have consulted 9 people, some of them were recommended by friends, some of them had great reviews. In overall – all of them were good, but I couldn’t make my decision still. Believe it or not – I don’t believe reviews too much, and don’t typically leave any. But this is an extraordinary occasion. So All of the lawyers were similar: identical approach, identical price, identical requirements in terms of payments : either everything upfront or at least a half ( even before the court day) so I thought that was a normal thing. A different lawyer ( not specialising in the DUI) recommended me to chat with Will according to his research, so he was my number 10. I called Will and immediately felt connection. Extremely knowledgable, great attitude, professional, great experience. I loved his plan of action the best out of all 10 and decided to hire him right away – without hesitation. Imagine how surprised I was, when Will told me, that he not gonna charge me a single dollar before he makes sure that the Court will actually proceed with charges. He said there is a chance that they might not take it further and if this is the case – he won’t charge me anything. I was shocked, because that’s was quite the opposite from what I heard from 9 other lawyers who just wanted my money first, before even diving deeper into my case. I was impressed with his honesty. We signed agreement and Will started the process. He did his research within the court and was able to find out that the court will not proceed the charges and called me back with great news. That was a miracle in my case, I couldn’t believe it. So despite he knew that DUI case is dismissed, he was triple checking everything for me and answering my late text messaging to help me with all my concerns. And there were a lot of messages, trust me here:) So without taking a single cent from me, he assisted me with everything, recommended me a lawyer for my further needs and was just in overall amazing guy. He is unique in his way, I will recommend him to all my friends in the future but also, wanted to share my incredible experience in here. I wish there were more lawyers like Will!

Excellent Attorney

Mr. Morehead represented me on a very tricky domestic violence allegation in San Francisco. He has always been prompt, and very communicative. He really understands the law and the modern day circumstances. I was fortunate to get the best possible outcome thanks to Mr. Morehead. I would recommend Will to any friends and family that need a diligent and reasonable attorney that will fight for you.

Great Lawyer

After going through first time legal issues, I reached out to Will to review my case. He provided clear direction as to how my case would unfold. He was extremely professional and sincere during one of the most stressful times that I have encountered. I was given a few options to move forward with and we talked through the best outcome for my situation, which was better than I had expected. I have such high respect for his professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend Will to anyone that is going through legal issues.

Great Lawyer

Will Morehead was professional, prompt, and extremely effective. He immediately came to my aid was able to resolve my case without delay. I highly recommend him.

Highly Recommended Lawyer

Will helped me with a case that could really endanger my life. He helped to resolve the case in the best possible result. For that, I am very thankful. His long history in a DA’s office really helped with the case as he has been on the other side and knows how the DA’s office works. He is not only very knowledgeable and up to date with the current laws, but also understands how to interpret the laws. He has done cases similar to mine before and thus knew exactly what should be written and said. He is smart and logical and knows the best angle to approach my case. He also has a sense of humor, although sometimes it can go wrong when my humor sensor is down I am very glad to have Will on my side with the case and will highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with the law.

Good Man to Have on Your Side

I’m the kind of person who could get in a fist fight at church unfortunately. Or assault with a deadly weapon on a sailboat. I met Will after interviewing a few clowns while dealing with a felony dui. I appreciated that I could communicate with him candidly. He handled that case appropriately and my terms were not so bad. Will again helped me when I violated my probation by stirring up trouble. He found me psych help thru the VA that I didn’t know existed that was pertinent to avoiding jail time. The man is always reachable within a reasonable time frame and I’ve appreciated being able to ask him questions by text message. I hope you don’t need as much lawyer as I did, but if you do, I recommend talking to Will.

Sharp, Knowledgeable and Personable

Consulted with Will on several occasions. He was able to quickly absorb all the key details of the case, provide solid legal insights and help to clarify the complexities of the process for me. His advice was dead on and effortless. I can’t imagine anyone going through this process without someone like Will.

Trial “Warrior Will” Top Criminal Law Trial Advocacy in Marin County

The best defense is indeed a great offense. Lighten your journey by retaining Will Morehead as your criminal defense shield. One of the brightest lights in the profession of legal advocacy, Will Morehead will forever be my “Warrior Will.” If you are in need of Criminal Defense protection, it would behoove you to call out to him today. My case resulted in DISMISSAL by the Court on July 27, 2020. This is a First Amendment Violation Defense case concerning a Violation of a Family Court Restraining Order issued against me, after I was forced to represent myself against my abusers false allegations. I am a Domestic violence survivor, prosecuted for telling my story of marital battering on my Survivor’s blog, in violation of an unlawfully issued Family Court Restraining Order muzzling my Voice. The prosectution aggressively pursued a misdemeanor charge alleging 1 count of Violation the unlawfully issued Family Law Restraining Orde muzzeling my VOICE. I regret not retaining Will earlier on before a charge was made. Regardless, he swiftly gained the offensive position, jolting the State off their horses. “Warrior Will” brings to the courtroom candor and soundness. He wields his sword of intellectual equality, stands his ground, and does it with equanimity. Appealing to the bench, not just to rules, but justice and common sense. Out of the courtoom, he prepared assiduosly, digesting volumous family court files. An inquisitive nature, and a great conversationalist to boot. He left “no stone unturned,” He didn’t use plea bargaining as an easy way out. He trusted his trial advocacy skills as did I, and was ready and willing to go to the mat. The court then went on to conclude that the family court order was indeed an unconstittional orde, and constitutes an invalid prior restraint under both federal and California constitutions, thus not an actionalbe offense. CASE DISMISSAL by the Court. A tale of morality with a happy ending. Melissanne Former Marin wife and homemaker/DV survivor

Fight for Your Freedom

Will is a fantastic lawyer. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a run-in with the courts. Will is the hardest working and most thorough attorney I’ve worked with and absolutely went above and beyond in my case. Every possible avenue of defense from motions to appeals were worked, and though my case didn’t end up with the strikeout win we all hope and wish for, I would have no hesitation to hire him again should I ever find myself needing a defense lawyer again. I highly recommend him if you find yourself needing help.

You Can’t Go Wrong Hiring Mr. Morehead

I had a really good experience with Mr. Morehead as my criminal defense lawyer. Definitely worth the money. I couldn’t have made a better choice in hiring him. He looked at all possible angles to determine the best way to proceed in court. He was open minded and listened to me and my ideas about the case. He took the things I said into consideration. Overall, he went the extra mile for me. So much so that I can’t really put it into words in a short review. Choose him and you will not be disappointed. He will achieve the best possible outcome. He’s a great guy and a great lawyer. He’s the only lawyer I will ever hire if needed again.

Recommending Will Without a Doubt He Is Extremely Professional, Knowledgeable and Truly Cares

I faced a legal situation that almost ruined my life a year ago. After doing a lot of research on my own and consulted many attorneys, I was extremely fortunate to have found Will. After the initial consultation, he took the time to meet in person to thoroughly explain the best approach to take care of my case, which not only demonstrated his professionalism and knowledge but also compassion towards his clients. I decided to hire Will to represent my case. Throughout the process, he thoroughly guided me through all the steps to achieve the best possible outcome for my case. He was able to help me get a diversion with extremely favorable terms without any hiccups. With his help, I finally was able to have peace of mind again. During the 12 months when I was completing my assigned terms, Will was always very attainable when I had questions. 12 months later, with his guidance and professional support, my diversion terms were completed and case was dismissed. I can finally live my life again, and all this would not have been possible without Will’s help. As his client, I sincerely recommend him to others who may need his support.

Couldn’t of Asked for a Better Lawyer

Will helped me get a 2 felony with a strike down to a misdemeanor. Through out the entire process, he was very informative, patient in explaining the evidence, any complications and all possible outcomes, which I believe, I received just about the best for my case. I received great council from Will, and I could see that he saw me more than just a client. I highly recommend him as a defense lawyer. I am quite happy with my outcome and feel fortunate to have hired such a great lawyer.

More Than a Talented Lawyer

I chose Will because of his exemplary credentials and praised talents as a defense attorney. I now know Will is more than a talent. My opinion regarding Will is biased because I received better results than hope afforded. His diligent and tenacious pursuit for the best outcome, his compassionate manner, discerning mind insightful to my holistic needs (not just legal) and insatiable zeal in understanding the law helped bring forth a most unexpected ruling. Punishment was expected; the only question on my mind was how severe. Will discovered a new law which held promise for my situation and chartered new territory in working with the courts. To this end, I got a ruling where I have significant control in my rehabilitation with the only “punishment” being oversight by the courts. Will had directed me to the help I needed even before the law was enacted, the law that he showed the courts how to follow for people in my situation. Now the help I am getting, and planned on continuing to get, is court ordered. As Schopenhauer explains it, “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one can see”.

Mr Morehead a Capable and Caring Defence Lawyer

This is the first time in my life that I consulted a defence lawyer. Mr Morehead provided free consultation, and followed up with immediate action by contacting DA office to determine where my case was headed. The case was resolved quickly, without lasting negative impact to my record. I am very grateful for his advice and kindness. He knows how to explain difficult legal matters to his client and work with court. I highly recommend Mr Morehead to anyone who needs a defence lawyer.

Excellent Defense Lawyer

Will Morehead is a first rate criminal defense lawyer, in my opinion. His advice, regarding a criminal defense matter affecting a mentally ill member of my family, was realistic, compassionate and very focused. The outcome was that the case dropped because he was able to convince the judiciary that a more appropriate course of action was necessary for a mentally disabled person and they agreed. I would strongly recommend his services.

A Good Guy / Lawyer

Will cares about people. Why else would someone move from prosecution to defense? He was always on top of my case and all possible the angles. I’m glad I hired him.

Best Lawyer

Excellent lawyer, well mannered and very on top of his work. Answers all calls and works very hard to fight for you. He saved me a lot of jail time. Wouldn’t recommend anybody else.

He Found the Angle and Case Dismissed!

I was lucky to be introduced to Mr. Morehead to review my DUI arrest. After meeting Will I knew right away I wanted him to represent me. His knowledge of the law not only for traffic issues or DUI’s but also the court system and how the DA and Judge would view my case. After reviewing my case and the arrest report I met with Will again to view the CHP video. Will, not only found the angle to present my case but was able to argue to have it completely dismissed. I truly appreciate him and his effort to work outside the box representing me. The Judge and the DA showed respect to knowledge of the law. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a attorney knowledgeable of the law but also someone that understands the court system.

Thank You

My husband and I greatly appreciated Will’s time and dedication. Will has very good communication skills and know what he is doing. Not only did he go out of his way to help my husband but he is very understanding of the situation and what needs to be done. I would highly recommend Will to anyone. Thank you for keeping our family together. Thank you Kindly Will

Quick and Painless

Mr. Morehead is a godsend. I struggled to find an attorney, and Will was the first out of many to even LISTEN to my case. I’m a 25 year old woman who needed guidance with my situation and he was very easy to talk to. Going above and beyond is an understatement. Mr. Morehead made this whole process quick and painless and did so with grace and professionalism.


Very personable and patient, thoroughly answered all of my questions, great lawyer!

Brilliant Lawyer! Will Morehead Goes Above and Beyond

I feel very lucky to have had Will Morehead as my lawyer. You will not find a better attorney than Will. He is brilliant, resourceful, and extremely attentive. He has tremendous knowledge of law and the legal system. He is always available and responds quickly to questions, comments and concerns. Throughout my process, I always felt like I was his top priority. I am grateful, he exceeded all my expectations, simply put, he is the BEST. Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else.

Honest, Trustworthy Lawyer!

I had a case that I need a lawyer to consult with. I called William and left a message. He called me back today! Lots of lawyers never call you back, but he did. When he heard my case, he told me that’s not his specialty, he’s not an expert on that specific area. That is a very honest answer. Many lawyers are only eager for your money, they will say whatever to convince you they are best, you really need to pay them, even if they are not actually qualified or able to help you out. William Morehead is more than honest, if he thinks he may not be the best lawyer on your case, he won’t lie to you. Moreover, he said if he can find some other lawyers who could help me, he will refer to me. Also, he gave me lots of good advice on how to end a bad relationship with an ineffective council, and how to choose a good & helpful lawyer on my case. In one word, William Morehead is a honest & trustworthy lawyer that you can talk to! If you have a case and you don’t know who you should consult with, give William a call, he is a good ear to listen to, and if he says he CAN help you, I’m sure he means it!

Case Dismissed!

He’s always there when I needed him! He has helped me again and again. He didnt stop until my problem was solved. Highly recommended.


Will was very helpful in my case, he always was there to answer any questions I had always on top of things. I never had to go to court he represented me always and made this awful experience a lot better by just walking next to me in every step until the end. I will recommend Will and his team to anyone who needs a great lawyer.

Knowledgeable Attorney

William has a great grasp of the law and explained all my options to me. He went above and beyond in taking his time to look into the matter and was extremely helpful.

A client
Civil and Criminal Defense Cases

Will represented me in both a civil and criminal matters which resulted from a single event. I hired Will shortly after my arrest and he helped reduce the uncertainties when entering the judicial system. He accomplished this by accurately outlining the possible scenarios that I faced at every major or minor event during this period. He was very attentive to the case and very responsive whenever the plaintiff contacted me during the civil portion of the case and I needed legal counsel. For the criminal case he had a well-devised strategy to approach the matter. His experience within the DA office provides vital insight into which plans of action to take. His goal was to have the case not filed by the DA due to the huge impact on my immigration status. This is ultimately what occurred and I am very grateful for all the advise, effort, and time Will gave me and my case. He really gave my family and I peace of mind when it was needed the most.

William Asher Morehead

He helped me with my case. He’s an execellent person. Really nice and professional to talk with. I’m so grateful I met him.

John Lemus
Win a Case

I had him as lawyer and I can say that I am very pleased with his work he is communicative persistent. And thanks to his ideas and work the da didn’t press charges he is a good lawyer.

Grade A.

Mr. Morehead was very professional and always went the extra mile even during my first call to him. He cares about his clients being well represented and this shows in his work ethic.

Terrific Attorney

Will was a huge help on a post-trial matter. He’s intelligent, resourceful, and never gives up. He also was incredibly responsive and always available to answer my questions. Highly recommended.

He’s a Great Problem Solver

Will has helped me with several difficult matters, including a neighbor that threatened to build a structure right against my kitchen window blocking all the light. Even though the city and neighborhood association said she could do it, Will somehow got her to agree to give up her construction plans. Will has also assisted me with other matters related to my property management business — always with skill, efficiency, and the right result. He is tremendously creative and doesn’t give up until he achieves the desired outcome.

William Morehead

I was specifically impressed by his consummate knowledge of all the arcane details of our case, his preparation before a hearing and the work he did to validate our position in this case. Besides he is charming easy to talk to and I felt comfortable with his advice. I would recommend him highly to anyone using his services.

Helped Me Win a Multi-Week Binding Arbitration

It was my privilege to be represented by Will Morehead, who I have known since 2009. His efforts on my behalf earned my utmost trust and confidence. I was facing tough times — a business divorce involving a company I had built and loved. Will and his colleague, the late great Michael Olecki (2007 California Lawyer Attorney of the Year award winner), took over my case, and we won after a multi-week binding arbitration. Will communicated with me daily about my case and always made sure I understood what was happening. And Will’s trial and litigation skills are top-notch. The result he achieved for me speaks for itself. I consider Will a friend whom I owe a debt of gratitude.


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